I’ll Sing On

The story of Catriona Maclean Mackinnon, a gifted and successful singer and harpist, who was born and brought up in Glasgow.

All proceeds from this book go to help research at Glasgow University into Hodgkin lymphoma.

Catriona Maclean Mackinnon graduated in harp, piano and voice from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She sang successfully at Mods, the Pan Celtic Festival and other venues including the BBC. After her marriage, she lived on Skye where she continued to sing and enthusiastically revived the Broadford Gaelic Choir taking it to successes at the Mod. She became a friend of Sir Iain Noble, and she helped to teach him Gaelic, while encouraging him in his project to promote the Gaelic culture on Skye.

Still a young wife and mother, she was diagnosed with the shocking news that she was suffering from a life-threatening illness. Showing impressive strength of character, she decided to press on with her commitment to music and her struggle for perfection.

In the midst of this, she unexpectedly found Christian faith and showed ongoing commitment in trying to reach an understanding of her faith and in determining how to live out that faith in the context of her music culture. Her many letters reveal her spiritual journey in those days.

Loved by many, she was an inspiration to others. As one of her friends said, “Somehow, she worried her way into your affection, like a little terrier. All the time, you knew that whatever mood she wore on the surface, underneath it all a deadly fight was going on. She never lowered the flag.”

From those who knew her …

“Full of energy and enthusiasm. She had a lovely singing voice and was an excellent clarsach player. I had great hopes of her future,”

Sanchia PilouHarpist SNO and teacher at RAMD

“A great source of fun. She had a beautiful singing voice - a very talented young lady!”

Dr Margaret MarshallOBE, renowned soprano

“Very impetuous, totally and utterly alive... very intense in everything - loving, hating and working ... quite inspirational”

Rhona MacKayAcclaimed harpist

“Incredibly full of life, with a great generosity of spirit which made everyone around her happy; a mildly eccentric character, very intelligent musically, with opinions on everything.”

Morag MacKayFellow musician and close friend

“The silences which followed her singing… no matter wherever it was, no-one wanted to speak.”

Revd Jack MacArthur